QAdental is an international dental education portal. The QAdental community has more than 4.000 members. QAdental aims at supporting the dental community by providing dental professionals with advanced knowledge.

QAdental produces new e-learning material constantly, e.g. webinars, vodcasts, podcasts and procedure videos. QAdental digital continuing education service has been widely used among Finnish dentists and other dental professionals.

One may also consult QAdental specialists (paid service) and other community members (free) and participate in discussions about patient cases. The whole growing database of consultations, answers and e-learning material is available for all members. Besides assisting its active members with their challenging patient cases, the QAdental method also helps to develop independent problem-solving and learning skills and critical thinking ability. Finnish QAdental Professionals base their answers on the National Current Care Guidelines in Dentistry collection and their personal clinical experience. However, the participating clinician must be able to filter and selectively apply the answers in the treatment. After all, it is the clinician her/himself who is finally responsible for the provided clinical care of the patient.

Membership is free for all dental and medical professionals. Membership grants access to all QAdental content, also content from the paid service. 

Fill out the membership application form and wait to be authorized. This will take up to 1-3 days as we conduct a background check on every applicant. Membership is granted only to verified dental or medical professionals.