Other webinars & video lectures

These lectures are QAdental partners' webinars and video lectures. 


Cariology and Restorative Dentistry

Essentia, The smart simplification of a composite system! by Dr. Javier Tapia Guadix

How to place composite restorations in anterior teeth with clinical guidelines by Dr. Serhat Köken

Fibre reinforced composites strengthening large direct restorations by Dr. Stephane Browet

“MI” restoration of the deeply cavitated caries lesion by Dr. Avijit Bajernee, Professor of Cariology & Operative Dentistry

Multidisciplinary Minimum Intervention Dentistry by Dr. E. Ruiz de Cast Castañeda



How to locate calcified canals by Dr. Siju Jacob



GBR Revisited by Prof. Christoph Hämmerle and Prof. Ronald Jung

Ridge Preservation by Prof. Ki Tae Koo

Peri-implantitis by Prof. Lisa Heitz-Mayfield

Assessment and planning before sinus lift by Dr. Michael Norton

Treatment of Single Tooth Extraction Sockets by Dr. Diego Velasquez

Sinus floor elevation by Dr. Pascal Valentini

Management of Severe Alveolar Defects by Dr. Isabella Rocchietta


Pediatric Dentistry

Hypomineralised enamel (MIH) - coming to a child near you by Dr. David Manton



"Ceramic veneers: the cementation options" by  Dr. D. Gerdolle

A clinician's guide to cementing and bonding contemporary dental materials (part 1 & 2) by Dr. Daniel Poticny, Adjunct clinical associate professor