Webinar series (limited access): Restoration of worn and decayed dentition with direct techniques

Webinar series (limited access): Restoration of worn and decayed dentition with direct techniques


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This is a QAdental original webinar series on restorative dentistry that started in June 2020 and ends in QAdental Forum live event in Helsinki in the beginning of 2022. Professor Pekka Vallittu gave an introductory webinar on June 8th, 2020. 



  1. A shift from indirect restorations to direct restorations - development of resin composites​, Prof. Pekka Vallittu
  2. Current knowlegde of the design and function of fibre composite direct bridges, Prof. Pekka Vallittu 
  3. Make a good first impression - a simple guide to good impressions, Dr. Ieva Jelisejeva
  4. Injection moulding technique, Dr. Ieva Jelisejeva
  5. Management of root caries, Dr. Gerry McKenna (QAdental Forum Febr. 4-5, 2022) Register here


Every webinar will have a separate webinar page where one may register and post questions for the lecturer beforehand.

With each webinar you may take an exam. After passing the exam you'll receive a certificate for earning CE credits. 


Listen to our opening podcast

This is an opening discussion for the first ever QAdental Original webinar series in English. One goal with QAdental webinars is to bring high quality CME to developing countries. The Interviewee is Chief Dentist Dr. Mohammed Abdillahi from Somaliland. QAdental had a project in Somaliland and Dr. Abdillahi had an active role in implementing QAdental consultation and CME services in Somaliland.

The project funding has unfortunately been stopped. Nevertheless, QAdental Specialists have continued supporting Somaliland colleagues with their challenging patient cases pro bono. Thank you, GC Corporation, for sponsoring this webinar series. Hope we get audience from both developed and developing countries!